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The volunteer programme with CSLRA is thronged as a dedicated service of minimum one month to any number of times a person is willing to contribute. We believe that to work for social change everyone should contribute a substantial amount of time to understand the needs and cater in the best possible way with your unique skill set. We are presently acceptable to following volunteer works:

  • Advocates: Advocates working in the field of Human Rights, Public Interest Litigations, Environmental Law and Social Law can come forward and contribute with the Centre by filing appropriate litigations in various Courts of Law. They can also come forward and give free legal aid to any needy person if so advised by the Centre. Any eligible lawyer who has worked as per the standards and ethics set by the Centre shall be entitled to a Certificate of Appreciation for the work he/she has done.
  • Research Scholars: Research Scholars can come forward and contribute us by sending their articles/research papers on any field which are prescribed in the Objectives mentioned. The same shall be published in Online Journal and thereafter in the Offline Journal which is likely to start after some time subject to statutory approvals.
  • You can send us important judgments/ Acts and Bills relating to the fields of Human Rights, Public Interest Litigations, Environmental Law, International Law, Right to information or any law relating to the society and public at large or animal rights. The same shall be duly uploaded on the portal and also send to or mailing list subject to their own requirements.
  • You can send us any important update in the field of law or any field related to our objectives.
  • You can contribute in volunteer translation works which we shall provide from time to time. In case you are willing to spare a little time for working for humanity; please mail your CV especially mentioning the purpose of volunteer translation expert.
  • We are looking for Right to Information Activists from all around India who have vital information with them which engage the attention of masses or are related to corruption or white collar crimes. The activists are requested to send scanned copies of the information as available with them so that the same can be uploaded to the portal so that the same can be made available for public at large.
  • You can send us topics relating to vast public rights on which public interest litigations should be filed but are not being filed due to non-availability of funds. We shall compile the data and try to take the matter to appropriate courts of law so that the issue may not die just because of scarcity of funds. Presently we are having prime focus on the States of Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Union Territory of Delhi and Chandigarh. We are going to expend our network to the States of Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh in the next phase.
  • In case the matter is not listed in the above list but you still feel that the matter is grave enough or important enough to be shared but is not listed; please go ahead as we have no boundaries. We shall work on the same even if the same is not listed above.

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